• What Makes Your Training Different?

    We offer a completely private and customizable training program. You can train from the comfort of your home or office on your schedule.

  • How Long Is The BHRT Training Webinar?

    The full BHRT pellet training program contains about 8 hours of didactic training. Training can be delivered in one session or in several. Hands-on pellet training is a minimum of one-day in your office. If you choose the Self-study option then you go at your own pace.

  • Am I required to buy anything from you in exchange for training?

    No, you are paying only for your training. If you'd like to work with our preferred vendors we are happy to make that introduction and extend the discounts we have negotiated with them.

  • Who delivers the training?

    Dr. DeRosa and her team of trainers deliver live didactic training and hands-on training.

  • How much is training?

    Self-study webinars start as low as $49. Live didactic training starts at $3,500 and in-person hands-on pellet insertion training begins at $1,500.

  • I'm in, how do I get started?

    Email us at HHI@drhotflash.com and on of our Education Coordinators will