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    The Webinar Series: Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Masterclass ( Includes Pellet Therapy) contains everything you need. Like many providers considering BHRT, have attended lectures, talked to colleagues, and studied the literature. Now you are ready to jump into the fray of actually wanting to implement BHRT into your clinical practice. This course will provide you with very practical and concise information to be able to properly evaluate your patients and determine the best course of action to balance or replace the much-needed hormones; testosterone, estradiol, progesterone. This is a nuts and bolts series providing an understanding of laboratory interpretation and optimal levels, pros and cons of different hormone delivery systems, how to properly dose each system, and the knowledge to properly manage inevitable complications of BHRT. Lastly, you will be given a basic framework of best practices in protecting your license while practicing in the area of hormonal medicine.

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