Customize Your Training Program

  • Self-paced Webinars

    Our self-paced webinars are derived from the same live didactic training we offer to our private clients. If you prefer to work at your own pace our webinars are for you. See our Webinar page for details.

  • Live Didactic Training

    The benefit of having an experienced trainer take you through the course curriculum can prove invaluable. Our trainers are with you the entire way coaching and answering your questions. In addition, you have access to them for four months after your session ends for any questions that may arise. Didactic training is delivered live but you have the choice of in-person or live via Zoom. Click on "Training Options" in the menu bar to learn more.

  • Hands-On Pellet Insertion Training

    The best way to learn hands-on pellet insertion techniques is on your patients in your office. We come to you!

Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE

Founder, Hormonal Health Institute

Dr. DeRosa spent years in successful private practice managing three locations, caring for over 12,000 patients, and training the scores of clinicians who worked with her. She was often approached by colleagues asking her where they could turn to for trusted information, guidance, and concierge-level training on hormone pellet therapy but there was no single solution. In the Fall of 2018, one year after selling her practice, Dr. DeRosa established The Hormonal Health Institute ( HHI) to enlighten physicians and nurse practitioners about the realities of menopause in women and the risk factors of hormonal imbalances in women and men.
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Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE


Supporting our mission

Our sponsors support us in our mission to ENLIGHTEN prescribers about the realities of menopause in women and the risk factors of hormonal imbalances in women and men; EDUCATE them with world-class,concierge-level practical and didactic training, as well as web-based training, on the proper use of BHRT and pellet therapy as a viable treatment for hormonal imbalance; EMPOWER them with medical knowledge and skills so they are confident in their ability to diagnose and treat BHRT without the aid of 3rd party software and/or they do not have to sign contracts requiring them to purchase nutritional supplements, medications or other supplies they may not need.
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